Joseph Tucci


Joseph M Tucci, who is more popularly known as Joe Tucci, is most famously known as the former Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, and Chief Executive of EMC Corporation. He retired from EMC in 2016 following a merger of his company with Dell Technologies that created Dell EMC. The company sells data storage, information security visualisation, cloud computing and analytics to both large and SME businesses around the world.

Born in 1947 in Brooklyn, New York he attended Columbia University and gained both an MS and MBA from his alma mater before beginning a career as a systems programmer with RCA Corporation. He joined EMC as President and Chief Operating Officer in 2000, became CEO in 2001 and rose to be Chairman in January 2006.

During his time at EMC, he oversaw an aggressive expansion of products into new areas of activity and multi-platform open software for storage, content and information management. He also extended the focus of his company beyond enterprise-level solutions to commercial and SME businesses, developing new industry alliances as well as partnership, selling and distribution channels.


EMC Annual Comp. 2011

Before joining EMC, he was widely credited with directing the financial and operational rebirth of Wang Global during his six year stint as Chairman and CEO that saw the troubled company emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and refocused on networked technology services and solutions.

Mr Tucci remains as Co-CEO of GTY Technology Holdings, and Chairman of Bridge Growth Partners – a venture capital and financial services company. He is a member of PCAST (the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology), The Business Round Table and is one of nine chief executives who steer the Technology CEO Council as a public policy advocacy organisation. He remains active on the Board of a number of organisations and educational Colleges and Universities and is an Overseer for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.